Best Practices of Cosmetic Dentistry for Malocclusion

Malocclusion is a severe state of dental misalignment of the upper and lower teeth. The two dental arches have an irregular pattern of gaps between them. The condition makes it impossible for you to close your mouth fully and wear an attractive smile. There are various types and conditions of Malocclusion which need cosmetic dentistry for the complete treatment and cure. There are no other methods of treating this condition as effectively as dental implants.

Dentistry for Malocclusion – Is it Expensive

Treatment for Malocclusion can be expensive unless you have the dental insurance coverage. The premium and related costs may vary for the various types and intensities of the disorder and the recommended treatment methods. We can provide you with the maximum insurance coverage to keep your expenses at the minimum possible levels. Call us today and consult our experts to choose the best dental insurance plan.

Dental Implants – Problems and Solutions

Dental Implants for Malocclusion involve straightening of the misaligned teeth without causing damages to the gums, jaw-line, and soft tissues.

Spacing-Overbite:  The upper front teeth can protrude or bend backward, causing spacing-overbite. We use the latest technology equipment and tools to set the spacing and alignment in the correct order. Our aim is to prevent the biting of lower front teeth into the upper roof of your mouth when you close it. We can also remove the conditions of a Gummy-smile and lip protrusion effectively.

Crowding:  It is a condition of malocclusion wherein the teeth have insufficient space over the gums.  Dental decay is one of the imminent risks of this condition. The teeth surfaces overlap over each other and cause an abnormal aesthetic appearance. We can provide you with the best and the fastest curing methods with our dentistry procedures.

Cross-Bite: It is a condition when the upper teeth protrude between the gaps of the lower teeth. It is obvious that the alignment is missing between the two teeth. Our experts have decades of collective experience in correcting the problems.

 Our-Procedures: We can start from the foundation of preparing the jaw-line to the complete shaping, alignment, removal, and replacement of completely damaged teeth. Ultimately, you end up with the best quality of teeth alignment and healthy gums after the treatments.

We can treat and cure all the side-effects of malocclusion with the perfect straightening methods. Setting right the awkwardly aligned teeth set is only the first step in our cosmetic dentistry procedures. We can ensure complete dental health and durability factors for the rest of your life.

The strength and stability of the jaw, aesthetics of the facial shape, and the immunity to multiple types of infections increase phenomenally after our treatments.

Cosmetic Dentistry – Best Benefits

Our cosmetic dentistry goes beyond the scope of setting right the jaw and aligning the teeth. It is a process of making your facial skin and muscles more beautiful and stronger than ever before. We can also whiten all your teeth to perfection during our malocclusion treatment procedures, making your youthful appearance last for decades.


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